Challenges for NIS

One of the challenges that Nepal’s NIS faces is the establishment and management of technology business incubation (TBI) centres. TBI is a relatively new concept in Nepal.

The government is in a position to establish a TBI centre for the growth of business venture capital. Recently, it allocated some funds as seed money for the development of TBI. The Department of Cottage and Small Industries is taking initiatives to operate a full-fledged TBI centre in Kathmandu. The government has plans also to operate TBI centres on regional basis. Commercialization of R&D results is another challenge for Nepal’s NIS. RECAST had

initiated university-industry dialogue through the formation of University Industry Cooperation Committee (UICC) way back in 1986. UICC formed two task forces to assess research and information needs of the industry, as R&D topics were not decided based on the needs of industry. Despite this, the lack of industry-academy interaction and cooperation continues to be an issue.

There are several reasons for this:

  • University scientists are not so serious about commercialization of research results
    and undertaking industry-oriented research;
  • There is a lack of understanding on the part of the university about the R&D needs
    and value system of the industry;
  • On the other hand, the industry is lacking in understanding the capabilities of
    university faculty;
  • The industry is not very concerned about innovation, as it seeks assistance from
    foreign suppliers of technology when confronted with any problem; and
  • The industry has no confidence on the capabilities of domestic experts.

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