Science and Technology related Policies

The Science and Technology Policy, which was formulated in 2005, have three basic objectives:

  • To enhance the national capacity through S&T;
  • To assist in the poverty reduction activities through the use of S&T; and
  • To elevate the country to a competitive position through optimum S&T development.

The policy follows a four-pronged strategy of: infrastructure development, human resources development, R&D and sectoral implementation. There some other policies that has a bearing on the S&T sector, such as:

  • Information Technology Policy, 2010;
  • Biotechnology Policy, 2006;
  • National Nuclear Policy, 2007;
  • National Wetland Policy, 2001;
  • Nepal Academy of Science and Technology Act, 1991; and
  • Electronic Transaction Act, 2006.

The problems that Nepal faces in the S&T sector are:

  • Low priority for and investment in R&D;
  • S&T workforce is mostly engaged in non-research activities;
  • Brain drain;
  • Lack of coordination among S&T institutions;
  • Lack of well-equipped laboratories, libraries and other infrastructure; and
  • Lack of high-quality S&T workforce.

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