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As a premier R and D institution, RECAST has got a well equipped mechanical workshop and the following laboratories:

  • Action Research on "Rocket Dryer Technology for Cardamom" supported by the Netherlands Development Cooperation SNV/Nepal

  • "Exploration and Utilization of the Indigenous Renewable Oil resources in Nepal" funded by University College Northampton U.K, Oxford Brookes University, U.K, British Council, British Embassy.

  • "Bio-prospecting of Enthno-medicinal plants of Nepal for Conservation of Biological and Cultural Resources" supported by Volkes Wagon Foundation, Germany

  • Development of Gassifier Stove for domestic use

  • Dissemination of Indigenous and Traditional Rural Technologies for Micro-Enterprise Development in Nepal

  • Development of standard testing protocols for improved cooking stoves

  • Studies on high altitude natural resources (Seabuckthorn) for economic development of remote areas of Nepal

  • Technology development for natural product utilization

  • "Application of Science and Technology for Development" funded by UNFSSTD/UNDP

  • Development of building materials for low cost housing

  • Research and development of traditional water mill

  • "Renewable Energy Technologies in Asia: A Regional Research and Dissemination Program" funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) through Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand

  • A Study on Dye Yielding Plants of Nepal

  • Chemical and Biological Investigation of Nepalese medicinal plants for hypoglycemic (antidiabetic) activity

  • Knowledge dissemination of Rocket Dryer Technology for cardamom at national level supported by the Netherlands Development Cooperation SNV/Nepal

  • Biomass Gasification for Electricity Generation. Funded by Ministry of Science and Technology

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