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Mr. Chandra Kanta Subedi returned from the Khar VDC of Darchula District

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Posted on 02-Jul

Mr. Chandra Kanta Subedi, Teaching Assistant was returned from the Khar VDC of Darchula District after establishing permanent plot of 1 hactre in Paripatal Women Community Forest to monitor forest vegetation under Kailash Sacred Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative (component 4: Long-term Environmental and Socioecomic Monitoring). He was accompanied by Dr. Janita Gurung and Ms. Puja Pathak from ICIMOD and research assistants Ms. Basanta Rai, Mr. Mohan pandey, Ms. Prerana Mishra, Mr. Anil Koirala and Rajesh Shrama. Six members of the Community forest users were trained to collect baseline information such as Diameter at Breast Height (DBH), height, position, seedlings and saplings of tree species in each subplot. They also collected soil samples from different horizons to analyze physical and chemical characteristics. During the visit socioeconomic base line survey of randomly selected 66 household of Community forest users was also conducted.


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